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Here at Skin and Contour, we offer a wide range of aesthetic treatments, all administered by a medically qualified doctor, providing reassurance and safe treatment throughout. At our aesthetic practice, we will take care of you from consultation to the completion of your procedure and beyond. We will make sure you achieve the desirable results with safe and professionally administered aesthetic treatments.


Anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments

Our dermal filler treatments are always tailored to your facial structure and your aesthetic aims. In this way we can make sure your results look natural, symmetrical, and with predictable results. Our aesthetic practice is medically led, with a qualified and experienced practitioner.




Your aesthetic treatments


Anti-wrinkle treatments

Anti-wrinkle treatments are highly popular and have shown to be highly effective in reducing wrinkles and is a simple and safe solution.

We can offer anti-wrinkle injections in the areas stated below

  • Forehead lines / Frontalis
  • Frown lines/ Glabellar 
  • Crows Feet / Orbicularis Oculi
  • Drooping mouth / Depressor Anguli Oris
  • Pebbled chin / Mentalis
  • Gummy lines / Levator Labii Superioris
  • Smoker's lines / Perioral lines

Explore Anti-Wrinkle Treatments 

 Woman having dermal filler applied to nose


Doctor injecting dermal filler into woman's cheekbones

Cheeks & Mid-Face

With your expertise, you can restore volume and enhance the shame and contour of your cheeks, improving definition, and giving a rejuvenated appearance.

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Woman having dermal filler added to lips

Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are one of the most popular aesthetic treatments today, and we provide quality lip filling treatments to restore or enhance volume and balance. 

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Doctor injecting dermal filler to man's jawline

Chin and Jawline

With Skin & Contour, you can enhance your jawline and chin profile and overall appearance, improving your confidence and people's perception of you.

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Woman having tear trough dermal filler treatment

Tear Trough

If you have developed hollowness or dark circles under the eyes, this can often be remedied by under-eye dermal filler, giving a fuller and fresher appearance

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Woman having hyperhidrosis treatment

Hyperhidrosis Treatment

If you are often embarrassed by excessive sweating, and the marks and body odour it causes, we are here to help, with treatments that can reduce it significantly. 

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Close up of woman with lip filler

Filler Dissolving

Whether you are unhappy with the result of a dermal filler treatment, or wish to go back to a more natural look, we are here to help.

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Not sure what you want, or what you will look like after? Have a browse through our gallery here, and see for yourself the difference a simple non-intrusive procedure can make.