Jawline and chin aesthetics

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Create A Defined Appearance

With Skin and Contour, you can enhance your jawline and chin profile and overall appearance, improving your confidence and people's perception of you. We can help you achieve a more satisfactory jawline; sharper, more assertive, and help you generate a first impression that you may have been lacking before.

We can consult with you to gauge your aesthetic ideals, and will measure your face, chin and jawline before commencing treatment to make sure you can achieve the outcome you desire.


Why Have Jaw Or Chin Filler?

As we age, we naturally lose the supportive fatty tissue in our chin thereby losing the definition of our jawline. This is further exacerbated by bony loss and recession of our gum line which also happens with age. This can lead to a sagging and heavier appearance of the lower part of the face. We use jawline fillers in combination with chin fillers to add definition to the face by creating a desired jawline with a sharper contour - either by widening a narrow face, or elongating a shorter face.

Jawline Fillers

2ml: £400
3mls: £550