Enhancing Your Facial Features

With our expertise, you can restore volume and enhance the shape and contour of your cheeks, improving definition, and giving a rejuvenated appearance. Cheek fillers are a non-surgical cosmetic procedure used to give your cheeks a fuller and defined appearance. As we age, we lose fat and collagen from our face, which both help to add volume and support the cheeks. Bone depletion with age means we lose our natural facial contour and structure.

With Skin and Contour, your consultation is all-important, and we will discuss your ideals in detail, and make sure our treatment aligns with your goals.


Quality Dermal Fillers

We use a hyaluronic acid based filler, which is a naturally occurring substance in your skin. It functions by attracting water molecules to the skin and can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water. At Skin and Contour, we use Juvaderm Ultra as our preferred cheek filler. If you are considering this treatment, we highly recommend you book in for a consultation so we can discuss the best course of treatment option for you.


1ml: £350

2mls: £500